August 9, 2013

Peach Belt Conference Releases New Website

AUGUSTA, Georgia - ( – The Peach Belt Conference in partnership with PrestoSports is pleased to announce the launch of their completely redesigned conference website.  This new site represents the next step forward in graphic integration with dynamic content and gives fans of the PBC and its 14 members a new way to keep informed of the latest happenings in the league through interaction across a variety of platforms.

“We are thrilled with the design that we have come up with working with PrestoSports,” said PBC commissioner David Brunk.  “They have been an excellent partner and worked closely with our staff in developing our new site.  We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope in terms of features and design and we feel that this new look perfectly complements the wealth of content the PBC website has developed over the years."

The league office opted to stay with a black and orange color scheme, but the new site represents a complete makeover from the top down.  Fans will first notice the new scrolling scoreboard at the top, which will be updated live as events take place.  Below that is the new feature story container with enlarged graphics.  The site will now display nine top stories at a time instead of four and feature tabbed content, allowing fans to look at standings, calendars and archived news articles.

“PrestoSports and the Peach Belt Conference have worked together for many years and we are proud to launch a redesigned website for” says Ted Bardach, Vice President of Business Development for PrestoSports.  “The conference office staff provided a unique concept for their new website and the PrestoSports team just had to put the pieces together.  The final product provides the fans of the Peach Belt Conference with a cutting-edge website platform with the most updated information on their favorite teams.”

The site will now also play video content direct in the main viewing window through the PBC’s YouTube channel.  There is also a live video player from Ustream which will carry all PBC championship live events and provides links to each member school’s Ustream channel.

The PBC has also integrated its social media endeavors like never before.  PBC Social will take fans to a brand-new graphic page, which displays the latest from PBC Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest along with a YouTube video player.

The PBC Social link can be found in the new menu bar across the top of the site.  The menu bar is ‘sticky’ and will be constantly visible to viewers no matter how far down any page they scroll.  Also in the menu bar are mainstays such as links to information, the PBC live scoreboard and PBC blog.  The sports menu bar features a PrestoSports-first photo menu of the PBC’s 15 championship sports.

Clicking on any of those photos will take fans to the newly redesigned sports pages.  Each page features standings, schedules, news and more with just one click.  The pages also now feature enhanced statistics categories featuring league leaders that are updated live as games are played.

PrestoSports has been the official website developer for the Peach Belt Conference for the past seven years.  Today’s launch represents the third redesign of the league’s site since that partnership began.