Strength & Conditioning

Our mission in the Strength and Conditioning Department at the University of North Georgia is to empower our student-athletes to achieve success on their chosen field of play through physical and mental development. Our coaches cater to each athlete’s individual needs, allowing them to improve athletic performance, prevent injuries, and culture a work ethic that permeates each sport at our university. Through the use of various means such as ground based explosive movements, strength training, speed/agility training, and movement screening, we prepare our athletes for competition.

University of North Georgia Strength and Conditioning is committed to administer a comprehensive, efficient and effective strength and conditioning program. We will be providing each student athlete with an innovative program to help prevent injury and to improve athletic performance.

Our goal is to maximize the athletic potential of each student-athlete by:

  • Developing programs based on scientifically proven principles tailored to enhance each athletes needs.
  • Incorporating Olympic lifts such as cleans, snatch, and jerks to improve explosiveness, power, and strength.
  • Training the core, the core body is the center that coordinates all ground-based human movements.
  • Incorporate stability and balance exercises that focus on intrinsic muscles groups to help decrease the risk of injury.
  • Agility and speed exercises that help the athletes explosively break, change direction, accelerate, and decelerate.
  • Improving range of motion through dynamic flexibility exercises.

Ultimately, UNG student-athletes are expected to work hard to improve their athleticism. Positive attitudes and effort are what we ask them to bring. We expect our athletes to not only improve physically, but to also develop a passion for training that is equivalent to their hunger for competition.

Richard Pruett
Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Colt Dyer
Strength & Conditioning Assistant Coordinator