Each of North Georgia’s twelve athletic teams is allotted a maximum number of scholarships by the NCAA.  In 2011-2012 North Georgia provided approximately 60% of that maximum number, which was the fifth lowest number of scholarships awarded in the Peach Belt Conference.  Further, not only has the competition for the most talented student-athletes continued to rise, but North Georgia’s academic standards are among the highest in the Peach Belt Conference. 

Currently, a full scholarship at North Georgia is valued at approximately $25,000 annually.  This figure includes tuition, books, room and board.  At current market returns, it takes approximately $500,000 to fully fund an annual scholarship.  In comparison, $25,000 will endow a scholarship of approximately $1,000 annually. 

Our hope is to give our student-athletes the opportunity to succeed in and out of the classroom while enjoying college life here at North Georgia. Your donation to scholarships is greatly appreciated and is one of the most important ways to show your pride and support for North Georgia Athletics.