March 26, 2008

Saints reach out to local elementary school

DAHLONEGA, GA - The North Georgia College & State University soccer program spread smiles throughout the Lumpkin County Elementary School system as they participated in the National Read Across America Day.           

On March 3, 2008, all twenty players including staff, Pat Parris, Jeremy Bouasy, and team mascot, St. Bernard, were able to demonstrate to the children the importance of reading in today’s society as the children welcomed the players with open arms and adored St. Bernard, who brought smiles to everyone’s face.

During the school’s celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, the children from grades K-5 were able to read and interact with the players.  The diversity of the team provided a synergistic environment in which the children within the classes, including the special needs class, could experience the different cultures and dialects.  With the help of Lumpkin Elementary staff and Deb McCrary, Lumpkin Elementary media specialist, the players were given the opportunity to speak to the children. 

By reading to the children of Lumpkin County Elementary, the North Georgia soccer team plans to tie the organizations together in hopes of fortifying support around the community.  This will be a new found tradition that the Saints soccer team will plan on continuing in the coming months.

A special thanks to the Lumpkin County Elementary School and the staff who helped make this experience unforgettable.